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iOS 10 Jailbreak Status Analysis

Well considering about Apple Inc Company’s firmware development in recent this year became one of the important year for them. Here Apple company no in a process to releasing their latest iOS version iOS 10. Well earlier they have introduced iOS 9.3.2. They introduced as a public release in iOS 9.3.2 Beta. Here Apple device users around the world now can upgrade their iPhones, iPads any of the Apple device with this with the support of iTunes as well as through the OTA updates. Also you can download iOS 9.3.3 beta version and use it with your iDevice. This iOS 10 related news herd at the event of WWDC which held on 13th of June. Here suppose Apple device users around the world will able to iOS 10 Download with their Apple devices as a Beta version. With the news of this iOS 10, jailbreak lovers existed about when they can have iOS 10 jailbreak. Like the period of iOS 9.3.2 release, people just searched the method to get iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak application tool. And there was Tedesco’s un-official jailbreak video clip shows iOS 9.3.2 can be jailbroken. But still there you cannot find any tool to jailbreak Application. Pangu team’s last successfully jailbroken Application tool is Pangu 9. Well pangu and taig team the leading jailbreak developers they are trying their best in here. Will see when we can have Pangu 10 in near future with iDevices.

iOS 10 Jailbreak

Present state of iOS 10 Jailbreak

Well there is an unofficial video clip that shows iOS 10 can be successfully jailbreak. Still Apple Company not officially released their newest iOS 10 as in public release. Well with the period which gets to know about this jailbreak developers, public beta testers around the world. Well there is a latest update iOS 1 can jailbreak and with use iPhone 5.

Here seeing through this iOS 10 jailbreak updates this related video clip published by Software developer and as well as he is software hacker and Canadian , introduced as “iH8sn0w”. Well he replicates that this jailbreak activity can done with very progressively with both models belongs in iPhone 5’s with 32bit as well as with 64-bit. Here we can see this as little surprising thing, improvement of jailbreak applications still in its development. And the other thing is this newest iOS 10 developed through using best technologies. And as the advanced improvement of the prior released iOS versions and with best solutions for pitfalls that found by them. But however leading jailbreak developers like Pangu, Taig and PP still unable to release the official release for iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak as well. And still not able to Download Cydia iOS 9.3.2 as well. And still they didn’t find proper method to jailbreak iOS 10 or officially release. And talking about this iOS 10 jailbreak video, clearly not defined a method for download or installation for Cyda application bundle. Things are like this way but considering the iBoot exploits facts supposes that there are some possibilities to develop jailbreak application tool.


iOS 10 Compatible Apple Devices

  • 6th Generation iPod touch
  • iPad Pro,iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2,
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE,
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s  iPhone 6s Plus

Here all we can remember that video clip which related with jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 which released in May. It was published by Software developer in Italy introduced as Luca Tedesco. Well comparing this both video clips at once and its popularity, seems that iOS 10 jailbreak video spread over like viral than iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak clip. All are just waiting to download latest jailbreak application with their Apple devices. Well still there is not any hearing about iOS 10 jailbreak application tool, but seeing this updates and facts we can expect there will be one in near future.

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iH8Snow Confirms Untetherd Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1

Famous iOS Hacker iH8Snow Has Posted a Untethered Jailbreak On Apples Newest iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak. iOS 8.1.1 is The 1st Launch Of iOS 8 to Be Immovable to Pangu’s iOS 8 Jailbreak.It Exhibits an iPad Running iOS 8.1.1 Booting Up With Verbose Along With a Customized Boot Logo.Also This is Significant Because iOS 8.1.1 Patched 3 Of Pangu Team’s Exploits.Effectively Killing The latest Jailbreak.So You Can Assume That.It’s Safer to Update to The iOS 8.1.1.

In Other Words Just Because  We Have Proof That a Firmware Can Be Jailbroken.It Doesn’t Mean That We’re Guaranteed to See a Public Release Anytime Soon.In Fact is Worth Pointing Out That iH8Snow Has In The Past.Generously iH8Snow Shared to The world The Like Hood of The Next iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak Coming Out.As Well Roll Through The iOS Firmware Generations,the Probability of Jailbreak Naturally Lessens Every Time.But Given The Dogged Approach of Pangu and Now iH8snow You Wouldn’t Know It,and With Only a Matter Of Time Passed Since iOS 8.1.1 .First Hit The download Channels,we’ve Already Proof that an Untethered Jailbreak is Possible.

 download (1)


While It’s Always Nice to Hear That The Latest Version Of iOS Jailbreakable. We Still Recommend Not Updating to iOS 8.1.1 Again,we Don’t Know If Any Of This Will Lead to a Public Jailbreak.with Apple Seeding iOS 8.2 Betas to Developers.It Could Be A While Before it Does.

The iOS Jailbreak Has Been Effectively Quashed As Apple Even Cited  the Chinese Hackers For Identifying The iOS 8.1.1 Vulnerabilities.How Ever iH8Snow’s Latest Efforts Appear to Show That a Bit a More Around and iOS 8.1.1 Could Be Opened Up For Hacking.

Use This Video  to Well Known About iH8Snow iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak  



From The iH8Snow

Yet While iH8Snow Has Successfully Unlocked 8.1.1 There is Gold Assurance That he Will Continue On With What He Had Started And Make Public a Jailbreak Tool Soon.It’s Worth Pointing Out That iH8Snow Has In The Past Demonstrated Jailbreak That Never Saw The Light Of Day.Basing On His Track Record.It’s More Likely That The Hacker Merely Showing The Way and Will Leave The Used Jailbreak Providers to Complete The Work.As iH8snow Himself Has Noted.Jailbreak Has Existing Imitations That The likes Of Pangu and Team. Evad3rs  Must Resolve to Come Out with The Working Jailbreak.For One The Unlocked at it”s Current State Works Only 30-Pin iOS Devices.If You Failure to Downgrade,so That Means They Will Pull Another Surprise And It’s New Jailbreak Sooner Than Expected.


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