Free Cydia tweaks on your device with Taig 1.1.0 Mac version

Cydia with Taig Mac

Now use your Mac to jailbreak your device without any doubt with Taig Mac version. It is the latest jailbreak tool for Mac users released under 1.1.0 version. From now hope Taig will release the jailbreak tool for Mac users too from the beginning. Therefore we don’t need to delay our jailbreak for any other reason. By the way this too allows you to download the Cydia version 1.1.23 with number of tweaks. Even it has another tool under version 1.0 the best advanced tool is 1.1.0. As you already know, this time too included free and priced tweaks on the list of Cydia tewaks. So let’s see what are the free tweaks to download on your devices.

Most famous free Cydia tweaks:

  • FrontCamUnMirror.
  • Hide Badge Text.

This will support you to hide the text in App badges.

  • CCSpeedup.

The animations of control centre will disable with this.

  • InstaMute.

You are able to mute the followers of Instagram with InstaMute.

  • RomanPassCode.

If you need to use Roman numbers on your Pass code screen use RomanPassCode on your device.

  • Kenda.

This will enable you the hidden features of Twitter App.

  • SafeTexting Light.
  • SeeBlocked Tweets.

This is the tweak which you can use to see the blocked tweets.

  • No Music Download Indicator.
  • No Music Interruption.

Now let see how to download Cydia on your device with Taig 1.1.0:

  • Download Taig 1.1.0.
  • Tap twice on the Taig and move to the Applications folder while the prompt.
  • Tap twice again to “Open” it to detect.
  • Select the Cydia 1.1.23 check box and disable 3K assistant is compulsory.
  • And then you can tap the “Jailbreak” button in the below.
  • So now, let Taig to complete the Process.
  • “Jailbreak Succeeded” message will appear on your screen after the process.
  • And then let your device reboot automatically.
  • When it turns on you can see the icon of Cydia on your home screen.
  • So which means you are already downloaded Cydia. Just tap and launch it.

By the way when you launch Cydia on your device you are able to get the list of Cydia tweaks. So if you need to get tweaks by paying them, it too can select for the list.

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