Downgrade iPod touch 6th Generation to iOS 8.3

Downgrade iOS 8.4 to iOS 8.3

iPod touch 6th generation is the newest iDevice which is working as an iOS 8.4. As you already know you are not able to downgrade your devices to iOS 8.2 anymore. Therefore before you jailbreak the device, make sure you won’t need to downgrade it to your previous iOS version. By the way if you are a 6th generation iPod touch user you too able to downgrade it to iOS 8.3 as the only downgrade compatible version. And no need to worry about jailbreaking and Cydia because you can use Taig and the PP tool as a Mac version on your devices.

Taig was the first jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.1.3 devices. But Mac users had to use Taig with a virtual machine as it is a Windows only tool. Therefore after the Windows only jailbreak tool from PP jailbreak they could introduce a Mac version too. Therefore since Taig jailbreak is for Windows users, if you are a Mac you can try PP jailbreak Mac version on your devices. Most users are still looking for iOS 8.3 because they doesn’t like to upgrade with iOS 8.4 even it is the latest iOS major version. And if you need to downgrade your iOS 8.4 to iOS 8.2, use following steps of downgrading. Even though it is about iPod touch you can use any other iOS 8.4 device too according to following steps.

Downgrade iPod touch 6th G to iOS 8.3:

  • Download iOS 8.3 firmware as your device preferable.
  • Release iTunes on your iPod touch 6.
  • Then while you click the “Home” button you have to click the “Sleep” or the “Wake” button too.
  • After few seconds you can release the buttons except “Sleep” or the “Wake” button. Then you have to wait with holding the Home button until the device detect. So then your device will boot in to DFU mode.
  • Then hold the Alt or the Option key and click the Restore iPhone/iPad button.
  • Then open the firmware file which you downloaded earlier and click “Restore” button again.
  • After few seconds the process will completes itself. So you device is with iOS 8.3.

By the way if you need to know whether you are able to jailbreak your downgraded device or not, yes you are. As I former mentioned use Taig jailbreak and also PP jailbreak as your prefer.

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