iOS 8.2 Released with Apple Watch support

Apple has just released iOS 8.2 for idevice users.  The software brings compatibility for the Apple watch and updates to the health app.  Now you can visualize workout data from third party apps in health app. Mail, map and music all got a performance boost in iOS 8.2. It fixed that prevented some iTunes playlists and music from syncing in the music app. Now you can download iOS 8.2 software on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  Go to settings > General > Software update and can be download and install the iOS 8.2 software.

Nearly in day Apple has launched their iOS 8.2 beta versions to download with some improvements and fixed some bugs. iOS 8.2 beta 2 jailbreak also released by TaiG team in nearly day. Download iOS 8.2 on your idevice. Download guidelines given below. Then wait for iOS 8.2 jailbreak. It will be release immediately.  Follow our article for get more info about iOS 8.2 latest software update.

ios 8.2

Download iOS 8.2 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

The latest iOS 8.2 software has just released to download. It can be download from Over-the-air or iTunes. When you choose OTA method, and then open your settings app and navigating to General and click software update.  If you would rather connect to your PC to install it, or if don’t have enough free storage to the update, you can download iOS 8.2 via iTunes as well.

iOS 8.2 Device Compatibility

  • iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s, 5c, 4s
  • iPad 4, 3, 2, iPad mini 1, iPad mini 3, retina iPad mini
  • iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2
  • 5th generation iPod touch

iOS 8.2 release notes

  • Allows visualize and add workout sessions from 3rd party apps.
  • Fixes units for vitamins and minerals.
  • Fixed that health data would not refresh after changes data source order issue.
  • Improves stability when use large data amount.
  • Facilitate for check measurement for body temperature,  height, weight, blood glucose and distance.
  • Fixed an issue that may have prevented users form add a photo in Medical ID.
  • Fixed some graphics showed no data value issue.
  • Added a privacy settings for turning off tracking of steps, fights climbed and distance.

Stability Improvements of iOS 8.2

  • Increased Mail stability
  • Improved Music stability
  • Improved connectivity with made for iPhone hearing aids.
  • Increased Flyover in Maps stability
  • Improved VoiceOver reliability

iOS 8.2 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where duplicate iTunes purchased content could prevent iCloud restore from completing.
  • Fixed Map issues that prevented navigate to some locations.
  • Fixed an issue where the last word in a quick reply SMS was not autocorrected.
  • Fixed an issue where delete audiobooks sometimes remained on your device.
  • Fixed and issue that some music or playlists did not sync from iTunes to the music app.
  • Fixes bluetooth calling issue where no audio heard until the call is answered.
  • The bug of caused certain events in a custom reoccurring meeting to drop from exchange calendar is fixed.
  • The error of prevented configuring an exchange account behind a 3rd party gateway is fixed.
  • The bug of could cause an organizer’s exchange meeting notes to be overwritten is fixed.
  • The error of prevented some calendar events from automatically shows as “busy” after accept an invite is fixed.

iOS 8.2 download Video Tutorial

Download iOS 8.2 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Wait with us along. We will be promise to give new information about iOS 8.2 jailbreak. We think iOS 8.2 jailbreak tool also will released immediately with ton of cydia tweaks and useful apps for cydia lovers. Update your idevice into iOS 8.2 and wait for iOS 8.2 jailbreak.






















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