TaiG Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 Confirmed

New hacker named TaiG released new jailbreak tool to the jailbreak community to TaiG  jailbreak iOS 8,.1.1. They have checked it personal and they confirmed it works so cutely.Thre is no doubt about the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1.Also there is no risk involved.It’s totally  safe to jailbreak.Because it makes with fully of hard work and smooth for wellness for the users.TaiG will be the easiest jailbreak tool that ever discovered  by the any hacker.Why are we say that.It’ really easy to jailbreak your device without any error.

Currently i TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 works windows only.Mac users have to boot camp or install windows in virtual machine.Jailbreak is untethered and It’s only requires USB connection to perform the installation


images (2)

We recommened before that TaiG is a chinese creation.The tool completely comes with chinese. English translation will come with online.Used the camera option in google translation to translate important instructions to English.Results are coming online into screenshots of TaiG jailbreak.

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  • Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 with TaiG support to iPhone 6,iPad air 2
  • Get iPhone 6 Plus message contact photos to old one.
  • Use iPhone 6 touch ID for web and apps user name and Password


Like all jailbreak,it can install cydia as well on your favourite apps.Guidelines are simple.Device that you want to jailbreak,turn off “Find my iPhone” and disable passcode.After that turn On airplane mode.Connect your device into the PC.The TaiG will recognize your device and then click green button.when you see a smile face after the jailbreak  then jailbreak is done.

There are number of tweaks and apps contains with jailbreak proceed.After that jailbreak you can automatically install the tweaks well.

images (16)

New Jailbreak Tweaks

Adaptive – Re size the control center and take small space in your device

Apple Locker  –  Lock apps with your face

Automa – iOS alerts remembering the options you selected

CCfix 8 – Fixes issue when control center

Centrum – Brings OS x notes center layout for iPad

Safari No Bar Full Screen – Removes the satus bar in safari

Stu Calender – Set the side to unlock text in present day


Upadted Tweaks

Biolockdown – Protect apps with your finger point

Bounce Notify 8 – Dock icons bounce in pending notifications

Hand Free – Answer Phone and face calls by waving hand over the device

Nicememo tweaks can copy and paste.Cange background colour

Virtual home 8 – Uses touch ID as home button replacement

Smart Watch – Allow you to display additional informations on your watch.


Select any tweak as you wish to contain.Catch us every  moment.We will show you latest updates of jailbreak very soon.

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iH8Snow Confirms Untetherd Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1

Famous iOS Hacker iH8Snow Has Posted a Untethered Jailbreak On Apples Newest iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak. iOS 8.1.1 is The 1st Launch Of iOS 8 to Be Immovable to Pangu’s iOS 8 Jailbreak.It Exhibits an iPad Running iOS 8.1.1 Booting Up With Verbose Along With a Customized Boot Logo.Also This is Significant Because iOS 8.1.1 Patched 3 Of Pangu Team’s Exploits.Effectively Killing The latest Jailbreak.So You Can Assume That.It’s Safer to Update to The iOS 8.1.1.

In Other Words Just Because  We Have Proof That a Firmware Can Be Jailbroken.It Doesn’t Mean That We’re Guaranteed to See a Public Release Anytime Soon.In Fact is Worth Pointing Out That iH8Snow Has In The Past.Generously iH8Snow Shared to The world The Like Hood of The Next iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak Coming Out.As Well Roll Through The iOS Firmware Generations,the Probability of Jailbreak Naturally Lessens Every Time.But Given The Dogged Approach of Pangu and Now iH8snow You Wouldn’t Know It,and With Only a Matter Of Time Passed Since iOS 8.1.1 .First Hit The download Channels,we’ve Already Proof that an Untethered Jailbreak is Possible.

 download (1)


While It’s Always Nice to Hear That The Latest Version Of iOS Jailbreakable. We Still Recommend Not Updating to iOS 8.1.1 Again,we Don’t Know If Any Of This Will Lead to a Public Jailbreak.with Apple Seeding iOS 8.2 Betas to Developers.It Could Be A While Before it Does.

The iOS Jailbreak Has Been Effectively Quashed As Apple Even Cited  the Chinese Hackers For Identifying The iOS 8.1.1 Vulnerabilities.How Ever iH8Snow’s Latest Efforts Appear to Show That a Bit a More Around and iOS 8.1.1 Could Be Opened Up For Hacking.

Use This Video  to Well Known About iH8Snow iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak  



From The iH8Snow

Yet While iH8Snow Has Successfully Unlocked 8.1.1 There is Gold Assurance That he Will Continue On With What He Had Started And Make Public a Jailbreak Tool Soon.It’s Worth Pointing Out That iH8Snow Has In The Past Demonstrated Jailbreak That Never Saw The Light Of Day.Basing On His Track Record.It’s More Likely That The Hacker Merely Showing The Way and Will Leave The Used Jailbreak Providers to Complete The Work.As iH8snow Himself Has Noted.Jailbreak Has Existing Imitations That The likes Of Pangu and Team. Evad3rs  Must Resolve to Come Out with The Working Jailbreak.For One The Unlocked at it”s Current State Works Only 30-Pin iOS Devices.If You Failure to Downgrade,so That Means They Will Pull Another Surprise And It’s New Jailbreak Sooner Than Expected.


Stay Always With Us For  Updates and Latest News of Apple And Jailbreak Stuff.

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iOS 8.2 Beta Version

Apple Posted The Release Of iOS 8.2 Beta For Developers.The Release Build 12D436,Follows The Release of iOS 8.1.1 With Fixes and Performance Improvement For iPad 2,iPad 4s Users.The iOS 8.2 Beta Allows Developers to Start Testing Their Apps For Upcoming Apple Watch Wearable.But it Doesn’t Appear to Include Any Other Notable Features More Specially.Developers Can Now Start Building Companion Experiences That Include Two Optional Apple Watch Interface.

Download iOS 8.2 let You Give Apple Watch Users Access to Data & Functionally  Resolved to Your iOS App.The Primary Interface You Can Create is a Watch App Which Gives Users to Access Their Content Without Opening Your iOS App on iPhone You Can Also Enhance Watch App By Providing Two Optional Apple Watch Interface That Give Users Timely,high Value Information.

ios 8.2 beta


Apple Watch Kit

Your App On Apple Watch Contains a Full User Interface.Users Can Launch,Control and Interact With Your App in Ways Unique  to Apple Watch.The iOS 8.2 SDK Beta including Watch Kit is Available Immediately For iOS Developer Program Members on the Developer Center.The Watch Kit Site Includes Programming Guides ,Human Interface Guideline,Templates and More Starting Later Next Year Developers Will be Able to Create Fully Native Apps For Apple Watch.

Future People Don’t Think Would be Available Until Next Month.Watch Kit Apps Have Two Parts.Watch Kit Extension That Runs on iPhone and a Set of User Interface Resources They are Install on Apple Watch.Apple Describes The November Release of Watch Kit Will Give Developers at Least a Couple of Months Lead-Time to Create Apps That Will be Available For The Apple Watch Launch.

images (2)


Though iOS 8.2 Will Undoubtedly Include Bug Fixes and Features Enhancements.It Appears The First Beta Build Focused Primary to Watch Kit Compatibility and Apple Watch Development. iOS 8.2 Beta IPSW is Available to Download Alongside X Code 6.2 With Watch Kit From  Apple Developer Website.As Usual Participation in The iOS Developer Programmer Requires a Annual Membership.

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Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1

Apple Has Just Released iOS 8.1.1 The Fourth Update to iOS 8 Since it Was Released Two Months Ago.The Update is Available For All Devices Running iOS 8. Pangu  iOS 8 Caught Us All By Surprise,but it Shouldn’t be a Shock That The Talented Chinese Jailbreak Team Pulled Off a Jailbreak in Such a Short Period of Time Since iOS 8’s Release.While The Pangu Tool For iOS is Exactly Ideal as Far as a Consumer Jailbreak Goes.It Doesn’t Come Bundled With Cydia There’s Really Nothing to Help Us to Calculate When Apple will Close The signing Window After The iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak is Release,but it will Probably Be Fast.Perhaps Within a Few Hours of Release.That’s Because,along With The Reasons Alluded to Above.



iOS 8.1.1 New Features

Some of New Features of iOS 8.1.1 are Following

  • You Can Forward Your SMS
  • Safari Credit Card Can Be Scanning
  • Battery Usage Hold By App
  •  Get Wi-Fi Phone Calls
  • Resolves Issues With Wi-Fi
  • Adds On Options to Select Between 2G,3G or LTE.
  • Enable With Health Kit App to Access Data in The Background.
  • Fixes on Issue That Was Preventing The Use Of OS x Caching Server For iOS Update.
  • Adds an Option to Enable Dictation in Settings For Keyboard From Siri.


The Biggest Improvement Should Be Better performance On The iPhone 4s & iPad 2 Devices That Both Suffered when iOS 8 was Originally released While They aren’t Mentioned in The release Note,the Performance Improvements should be Hopefully apply to The Original iPad Mini and The 5th Generation iPod Touch.

About Bug Fixes

iOS 8.1.1 Build 12B435 Contains a Whole Of Bug Fixes And General Performance Enhancements Aimed at Improving The Mobile Operating systems Stability.Alternatively Connect Your Device to Desktop Via USB.After That Open The iTunes Prompt Should Pop Up Using You to Upgrade.This Release Includes Bug Fixes Increased Suitability &  Performance Improvements For  iPod 2 & iPhone 4s.

Throw All Of that Logic Out Of The Window.If You Have an iOS 7.x  Jailbreak Holdover it’s Time to Stop Holding Out and Just Update.iOS 8.1.1 is Now in Beta and it Has Been Confirmed to Kill pangu iOS 8.x Jailbreak.Even If You Don’t Want to Jailbreak right Now,it’s Still a Good Idea to Go Ahead and Upgrade All Of Your Devices to iOS 8.1.1 Now.Even If You Don’t Want to Currently Jailbreak That Leaves The Possibility Open That You Can Always Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 in The Future If The Need Arises.



So,Update Your device to iOS 8.1.1 on all Your Device.If You Have Not Done So,Otherwise You Will Not Be Able to Jailbreak Using The Pangu Tool At All.also You May Not Ever Be Able to Jailbreak iOS 8 Again.The Latter Will Obliviously Depend on Whether or Not Additional Exploits Can Be Found and If a Hacker Of a Team Of Hackers Like  Pangu  Decide That It’s Worth Another Go.

If You Want to Get Security Contents,Click This Link   Security Updates Of iOS 8.1.1

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iPhone 6 Plus Jailbreak With Pangu 8

Pangu iOS 8 Jailbreak For  iPhone 6 Plus & All Other Devices

Team Pangu Has Dropped an iOS 8 Jailbreak That Works on Even The Latest iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus and  iPad  iPad Air 2 Along With All Previous Devices.As Mentioned it Our Initial Coverage,Budded as Pangu 8,it Works With iOS 8.0 All The Way Though to The Latest iOS 8.1 and Below,We’ll be Showing You How to Jailbreak Your Device Using The Tool.The Updated Pangu Now Includes Cydia as Well.Following Guide Will Help You That How to Jailbreak Your Device on iOS  8.x and Install Cydia it.

If We Take a Look at of iPhone 6 Plus,it was Found to Have the Fastest Web Browsing and Page Loading Times on Any Device,Just Ahead of iPhone 6 Plus.The iPhone 6 Plus Also Performed Well in Graphic Testing Coming Second With an Average Frame Per Second Rate of 49.5.this Was Only Behind The NVDIA Shield Tablet on 57.1.Further More The Display on iPhone 6 Plus Was Praised By Expert at Display Mate,who Called “The Best Performing Smart Phone LCD The Site Has Ever Tested.”


iPhone 6 Features

iPhone 6 Plus Comes with a 5.5 inch Retina HD Display With 1920×1080 Resolution & Pixel Density of 401 Pixels Per Inch.iPhone 6 Plus Also Sports an all New Ultra Thin Design with Rounded Edges.It’s Powered By apple’s New Chip Which is 25% Fasted and 50% More Power Efficient Than The Next Generation M8 Motion Co Processor.

iPhone 6 Plus is a Awesome Smart Phone,all Who Bought iPhone 6 Plus Jailbreak Know That iPhone 6 Plus is Something New from Apple it Revolutionary as Expected and Similar Expectations are Now Set to The Released Not Appear in Couple of Months in the Market.5.5 Inch 6 plus Jailbreak Released in All 2014.Also Next Time iPhone 6 Plus Jailbreak and No Doubt This is Going to Delay.The Jailbreak Release Date Of Our Beets Now There Seems No Possibility That 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus Jailbreak.

apple-jailbreak-ios-811-patch-pangu 2

iOS Jailbreaking Tweaks

iOS Jailbreaking Tweak Development Season Has Went into High Gear as,in The Last Week Nearly  50 New Tweaks Have Arrived on The Cydia Jailbreak App Store.Some are Updated to Old Favorites ,while Others Bring Completely New Features Never Seen Before.With Everyone of Apple Watch UI for iPhones to Landscape Configuration Tweaks to Mimic The iPhone 6 Plus Browsing Through The New Cydia Releases Listed. Towards The Bottom are Some of iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks Released on Cydia.

  • Tetherme
  • Little Brother
  • Aeternum
  • Badgomizer
  • Pwn Tunes
  • Quick Gesture

You Can Also View Our Previous iOS Guide Tutorials For  jailbreak iOS 8.1 With Pangu 

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iPhone 6 Jailbreak With Pangu

iPhone 6 Certainly Addresses a Number of The Problems Apple Had Developed. It Coming With a Much Larger Screen a Booster Processor.Better Camera,Improved Battery and Crucially Overhauled Designed.This is The 6th iPhone I’ve Reviewed Now.There’s a Real Sense That This One is  Really Rather Different.Apple Has Always Favored a Flatter Phone That The Rest of The Market Though,and Placed on a Desk it Looks Great.It does Feel Great it to Hand Too.

images (18)

Jailbreak iPhone 6 With iOS 8.1 Pangu

Pangu Team Has Released a Tool to Jailbreak  iOS 8 to Untethered  on iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 5s,iPhone 5c,iPhone 4s,all iPads and iPod Touch 5.You Can Read More About it’s Along With Jailbreak Instructions.Though iOS Gets More Advanced Every Year.There are Plenty of  iPhone and iPad Owners That Want to Jailbreak Apple’s Walled garden and Jailbreak Their Devices.If you Think Might be You,Read on For iOs 8 Jailbreak  Tutorial.

Before start Remember That This Wiil Void Your Warranty.Jailbreak is Fairly Easy and You Should always be Able to Restore Your device Back to a stock.

If You sure to Jailbreak,then You Must Have to start with an iOs Device.Any That Runs iOS 8 Though iOS 8.1 will do.That Includes The Latest Versions of iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,iPad air 2,iPad Mini 3.

-jailbreak-iphone6-with-ios 8-



Special Features of iPhone 6

  • Available in Silver,Gray and  Space Gray Colours.
  • A8 Chip
  • Touch ID
  • Faster LTE Wireless.
  • A New 8 MP Insight Camera with Focus Pixels
  • iOS 8


Let’s Take a  Look at The First Thing Most People Will Wonder About Before Picking Up the iPhone.

This is a Big Departure for apple,Marking a Time when it’s admitted That The Industrial.Sharp Design of The Last Four iPhone Models in The Little Outdated and Needs to UP The ergonomics to Really Compete.You Can Pick Up The iPhone 6 in Gray the More Standard silver or Gold.whichever One You want it Up to You,but There Had Better Not be a shortage of The Champagne Gold Colour Again This Year.


Feel The Different After Jailbreaking Your iPhone

iPhone 6


We Are Sure That You Wiil Be Exited By Using iPhone 6.It will Be a great Opportunity to Have  That Who Are Hold a  iPhone 6 all Around The World..Feel The Difference & Experience as Soon as Possible by Using iPhone 6.

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Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Using Pangu

The iOS 8.1 Jailbreak With Pangu Finally Come True!

Apple has been Taken Away in The Upcoming iOS 8.1 Update.Apple Has Known to Close Up Holes Jailbreakers Use to Gain Deeper Access and it Appear Not Much Has Changed in The Iteration of its iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch Operating System.

An Antonymous Apple Employee on The Reddit Jailbreak Community Claims The Update As Soon As Possible.Nowadays Cydia Runs Stable On iOS 8.1 Devices and Many Tweaks Have Been Updated For The Newer Operating System.We Had Say Grab The iOS jailbreak 8.1 Install While Apple Still lets You.Otherwise You May Miss The iOS 8.1 Jailbreak Window.


Download Pangu Mac/windows

Supported Devices:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air 3
  • iPad Air 4
  • iPad Mini 1,2,3
  • iPod Touch 5


  • iOS 8.0
  • iOS 8.0.1
  • iOS 8.0.2
  • iOS 8.1

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Untethered With Pangu

Step 1 :  Download Pangu For Windows.

Step 2:   Right Click on the Pangu Icon and Then Click The “Run as Administrator

Step 3:  With Pangu Up and Running Connect Your Device to PC Using USB.

Step 4:  Click on The Big “Start Jailbreak” Button in The Center of The Display Followed By” Already Did” on The Next Screen to Begin The Jailbreak Process.Your Device Will Reboot Couple of Times During The Process.So Be Patient.

Step 5:   Once the Pangu Tool says “Jailbreak Succeeded” That’s it.You will Find Pangu app along with Cydia App Icon On the Home screen.Simply run Cydia and Start installing Your Favorite Tweaks.

Watch This Video For More Details:

We Have Seen Many Improvements Of Pangu,made Available Their Jailbreak Tool Back in October.The Chinese Hackers Belonging to Pangu Have Released an English Version and a Version For Mac.On The Cydia Side We Have seen Continuous Updates,as For Tweak Compatibility,there are Still a Few Cydia Apps Holding,but Luckily Many Have been Updated to Support The iOS 8 Jailbreak.as Mentioned Before You Probably Want to Jump to The iOs 8.1 Before You Miss The Opportunity.

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