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iOS 9.3.2 download for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

It is good to see our readers to welcome the iOS 9.3.2 on their compatible iDevices. After tested during last one and half months of its beta releases, the major version has been released to download and enjoy all collectives on your hand. Don’t miss this as it has few renewed functions that arranged to make users easier of using iOS 9.3.1. So we hope you would like to continue reading this to have this completed iOS 9.3 as iOS 9.3.2 download on yours.

Download iOS 9.3.2

Preparation for the release of the iOS 9.3.2

Beta versions of iOS releases are always stand to show us how its major release will work and to prepare it with developers to offer us a full update on our devices. Therefore, any iOS version which we will able to receive on our device will be able to see as beta versions. Therefore, the install iOS 9.3.2 too was first met us with its first beta release in April fourth. The only feature that the version included were the fix of some bugs and Quick Actions.

And when the second version was out on 20th of the same month, it brought the improvement of Low power mode and Night shift as well. As the final beta release in April for this version, its beta three was out in 26th. And finally, we were lucky enough to receive the fourth as smoother than any other to get its prime version yesterday.

New functions of the version

This hs arranged a combination of two functions of the iOS 9.3 as Low power mode and the Night shift which users were received as a grand feature in this iOS season. Therefore, users are now able to use both functionalities at the same time without any complicated. And the next is Quick actions which you met from the beginning of its beta versions to open clearly even in landscape.

Compatible devices for the installation


How to install iOS 9.3.2 as an OTA or with iTunes?

As an Apple user, you must know about both procedures of installing iOS versions. iTunes are the most important movements for your device as it has many related functions for downloads. OTS stands for the process of Over The Air which you only need to command your device for an automatical update. Although users able to upgrade their device using OTA for beta releases, we always suggest the way of iTunes to make your installation a stable one.

Before apply any of these procedures, just backup as all you saved have to keep safely. And for the iTunes installation, use the latest release.

Over The Air
  • Simply access your Settings
  • And then go to General
  • Just hit the Software update
Upgrade the device manually using iTunes
  • Link both PC and the iDevice using appropriate data cable
  • Tap on the device button
  • Just click the Check for update without  any other option
  • When the update message will appear, you can hit the Download and update option

If you are unable to upgrade the device using above continue these as well.

  • Download iOS 9.3.2 as an IPSW file
  • Hit the Check for update button while using Alt for a Windows PC and Option for Mac
  • Apple will allow you to update using iTunes so just hit the Update button
  • After that, click Next > Agree buttons orderly
  • Finally, iTunes will update your device automatically while rebooting several times


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