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iTools iOS 10.2 download to manage your iDevice

Have you update your iPhone iPad or iPod touch to the latest version of 10th iOS firmware version. So are you enjoying the amazing features of the latest firmware? So are you think a way to manage your iOS 10.2 running iDevice. Yes, the users who are with iDevices now familiar with the easiest way to manage the iDevice. But there is any new iDevice user then here the best way to manage your iDevice. Yes, you want to download iTools iOS 10.2 for manager your iDevice.

iTools iOS 10.2

About iTools

iTools is the easiest way to manage your iDevice. We know that the official iTunes can use to manage your iOS running devices. But it is more complex. Yes, many iOS users are bothered to deal with the iTunes. So at that time the smooth new iTools came to the stage as an alternative to iTunes. And the iTools can be used with Mac OS as well as the Windows platform too. The iTools is now able to use to manage your iOS 10.2 running device. So no need to bother it can be applicable for all iOS 10 running iDevice models including the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

iTools iOS 10.2 features

I think now many of our iDevice users are familiar with the iTools. But if anyone new for this then has a trouble about the features of iTools, yes you can have the ability to categorize the features of iTools mainly under three sections. “Data management”, “Device management” and “advanced features” are those categories. And the below features are listed under those categories.

  • Upgrade or downgrade the firmware of your iDevice
  • Feature for Effective desktop management
  • Advanced media file management with data migrating
  • Advanced backup application with application backups
  • Increase the device performance by clear cache and unwanted files
  • Manage things properly and conserve battery
  • File explorer
  • You can set wallpapers, themes, Ringtone maker and more other fantastic customization features
  • Help to files transferring between iOS and Android
  • Easy way to install and uninstall apps
  • Options to restore

iTools iOS 10.2

How iTools iOS 10.2 install

Are you satisfied with the iTools iOS 10.2? Yes, then you can manage your iOs 10.2 running iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with the iTools. So you can follow the below step guide for that. Yes if you are newer to iTools then this guide will lead you for a smooth iDevice management process.

  • Search for iTools iOS 10.2
  • Download iTools to the Windows or Mac PC
  • Now follow the guides and make the program setup
  • Now open the iTools and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the PC via a proper USB cable
  • Wait iTools to connects your iDevice
  • OK now you can start to enjoy iTools iOS 10.2

If you are still not comfortable with the latest iOS 10.2 then you can use the iTools iOS 10.2 to have a smart iDevice management. So enjoy the freedom of manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without suffering to deal with iTunes.

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