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Install Asphaleia 2 on your jailbroken iOS 8.4

Asphaleia 2 for iOS 8.4


If you are using a jailbroken iDevice, you must know about Asphaleia 2 Tweak. This is the best tweak which supports you to secure your iOS devices without any other. If you are already purchased BioLockDown, BioProtect, AppLocker you will have a discount to buy this. This means you only need to pay $ 0.99 and for others it is $ 1.99. Even there are number of different options few are most reasonable and useful for you. Those are,

  • Locking Down Apps.
  • Sliding to power off.
  • Wiggle Mode.
  • Control Centre.
  • App Switcher.
  • Spot Light.

How to install on devices?

  • Download Asphaleia 2 Cyida tweak on your device.
  • Then open settings of it to install.
  • So you will have to enter the pass code when it will prompt.
  • Now start the configuring to complete the installation.
  • Before you open it, click on the “Secured Apps” and enable the App witch you require.

After you select them, see the “Dynamic Selection” option on the top of the screen. This is the option which lets you disable or enable the App while you are on it. You just have to open the app you wish to add and off the secured App list and scan your finger. The selection of cancel or the remove App will prompt on your screen simply.

To reach any feature you will have to confirm it using your pass code or the fingerprint. You are able to lock down the app arranging buy click on the “Advanced Security”. And also Slide to power off, control Centre, Multitasking and spotlight too can allow on your device using this.

If you need to change the pass code you just have to do, click the “Passcode Options” and change the pass code or the Touch ID simply.

Anyhow not only these you are able to get more from this as I mentioned before. So just download and install this tweak to make your device a great one on your hand. And this is a trust worthy tweak to work on your device as it has a pure pass code interface and the fingerprint scanning too. So we just propose you to try this on your device too.

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