TaiG jailbreak in English

Here is the wonderful news for he jailbreak community. TaiG  jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 is now available with English.So you don’t need to worry about that Chinese language version.If you speak and preferred in English,now be happy.

You don’t need to worry that TaiG jailbreak for iOs 8.1.1 is in Chinese or English.Those are same tutorials.Language is the only difference with them.You can now successfully jailbreak your iPhone,iPad or iPod that running iOS 8.1.1

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   Before the jaibreak you must need to read the guidelines what you have to do.Between the Jailbreak process if anything go wrong just check the internet connection ,Disable passcode,Touch ID or Disable find my iPhone.Those are will be the errors.Therefor we tell you that make sure to do so.

Those who failed to install Chinese version of TaiG jailbreak can now try installing the English version of jailbreak by following simple steps.

Lots of questions have come timing of release jailbreak English versions come in the right time,remember that has translated from Chinese,so English grammar isn’t better,but it not bad to get some idea.

Releasing of jailbreak  iOS version it maintain and developed by the hard work and commitment from the guys of TaiG. Mainly  in addition sign of iOS 8.1 closed earlier and it could be a good time to to iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak.

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 How to Install TaiG on Your Device

So many people working to showcase that how can we install TaiG into my device.In this note we are looking to tell you that.

You used on your iOS device is Chinese,then evasi0n will defect and install TaiG by Default.You can still install cydia as well.

Announcement From TaiG

  • Dissable to support for iOS 8.2 currently in public release.
  • Releasing of iOS 8.1.1 version will be around and relative stable firmware.
  • Also concerned that TaiG may exploits this early
  • We have good developers in the world who accomplished jailbreak
  • We will give you many benefits to users that they expect from us
  • Thanks everyone who gathered with us.


We are willing to give you good and valuable jailbreak tutes like pangu team.We are work hard and looking forward to give jailbreak to support Mac users and jaibreak for iOS 8.2 beta.

Finally TaiG thanks developers,media and everyone who gathered with TaiG and jailbreak fans all around the world.

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