TaiG Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 Confirmed

New hacker named TaiG released new jailbreak tool to the jailbreak community to TaiG  jailbreak iOS 8,.1.1. They have checked it personal and they confirmed it works so cutely.Thre is no doubt about the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1.Also there is no risk involved.It’s totally  safe to jailbreak.Because it makes with fully of hard work and smooth for wellness for the users.TaiG will be the easiest jailbreak tool that ever discovered  by the any hacker.Why are we say that.It’ really easy to jailbreak your device without any error.

Currently i TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 works windows only.Mac users have to boot camp or install windows in virtual machine.Jailbreak is untethered and It’s only requires USB connection to perform the installation


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We recommened before that TaiG is a chinese creation.The tool completely comes with chinese. English translation will come with online.Used the camera option in google translation to translate important instructions to English.Results are coming online into screenshots of TaiG jailbreak.

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Like all jailbreak,it can install cydia as well on your favourite apps.Guidelines are simple.Device that you want to jailbreak,turn off “Find my iPhone” and disable passcode.After that turn On airplane mode.Connect your device into the PC.The TaiG will recognize your device and then click green button.when you see a smile face after the jailbreak  then jailbreak is done.

There are number of tweaks and apps contains with jailbreak proceed.After that jailbreak you can automatically install the tweaks well.

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New Jailbreak Tweaks

Adaptive – Re size the control center and take small space in your device

Apple Locker  –  Lock apps with your face

Automa – iOS alerts remembering the options you selected

CCfix 8 – Fixes issue when control center

Centrum – Brings OS x notes center layout for iPad

Safari No Bar Full Screen – Removes the satus bar in safari

Stu Calender – Set the side to unlock text in present day


Upadted Tweaks

Biolockdown – Protect apps with your finger point

Bounce Notify 8 – Dock icons bounce in pending notifications

Hand Free – Answer Phone and face calls by waving hand over the device

Nicememo tweaks can copy and paste.Cange background colour

Virtual home 8 – Uses touch ID as home button replacement

Smart Watch – Allow you to display additional informations on your watch.


Select any tweak as you wish to contain.Catch us every  moment.We will show you latest updates of jailbreak very soon.

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